the "figurinaio"

history of the "figurinaio"
The history of the figurinaio was born in 1500 when the famous stucchini, those who made stuccos for the palaces of the time, began to reproduce sacred and profane statues imitating the statues of the Renaissance. All this underwent rapid acceleration when plaster was introduced in the second half of the 19th century. This material, of low cost, could be used to reproduce statues that could be purchased , given the price, by everyone.

In the valley of the serchio and the file, due to the scarce resources of agriculture, it was already in use to go to Corsica to make the season and work in the furnaces for the production of bricks. So in the footsteps of the tradition many Lucchesi began to leave for selling statues .

At first, the expatriation was temporary because the so-called " companies " formed by about forty adults, women and boys who brought everything needed to work: mold models etc, they went in a city, New York, they rented premises and started production .

The most experienced came out with the finished product and tried to sell at best price . After the campaign that could last 3/5 years, they returned home and reorganized: some left for a new destination, others remained in the family.
storia del figurinaio