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"Il Natale muove una bacchetta magica sul mondo ed ecco, tutto è più dolce e più bello" (Norman Vincent Peale)

Buon Natale  Merry ChristmasFrohe WeihnachtenJoyeux NoelFeliz Navidad 

Euromarchi was founded   in the years between World  War I and II and its founder was our grandfather GIOVACCHINO MARCHI who , following the custom of the very beginning of the twentieth century, travelled all the world to sell his plaster figurines ; many fellowships, producing and selling figurines were formed during these years and lots of families used to go abroad, mainly to the United States, bringing with them their moulds to produce these items: some members would take care of the production, some other would sell the finished products to the market  and women used to look after children and run the family After three, fours years of intense work and after earning what they had reckoned , the would come back to Bagni di Lucca and wind up the fellowship.
This is the way  our family , and many others  as well, visited  the whole world , including Canada, South America  , Russia and Poland .
In 1930 Giovacchino was satisfied with the results he had achieved  and decided  to stop in Bagni di Lucca to  start  a brand new business  , so he founded the Marchi Company.
At the end of World War II, along with his four sons,  he established the CAV. G.MARCHI & FIGLI ( Marchi & Sons ) , specializing in the production of papier-maché figurines ( from 3 to 30 cms ) which were all hand-painted   with great care and sold everywhere.
During the 60’ because of  the  excessive labour costs and  the difficulty in finding it, it was decided to produce the figurines using plastic.
The Marchis  benefitted by the economic development of the time  and created  the ISAS company where angel figurines, religious items, trays  , frames with mirror (these last ones  in polyurethane and plastic) were produced  and where the production techniques and the use of new materials were always kept up to date .
Here we are , after so many years : nowadays the Company is called EUROMARCHI SRL and it represents the successful merging of the Isas  and CAV G. MARCHI & FIGLI  firms; as in the past, all the above mentioned items are produced using different materials and styles , still preserving the old tradition and the great care that are  worldwide acknowledged as such.
Our product range has become even richer in items as many accessories  for nativity sets  have been added  so as to create  your  unique and peculiar  Christmas scenes .
Every single model  is created in wax  and is the basis to recreate   the steel mould which will allow mass production.
Our items are all  hand –painted .
The great demand of tourists who love our products has prompted us to open
Our HAPPY EVENT STORE in Diecimo where our Christmas , gift and household articles can be bought .
The fourth Marchi generation is currently running the Company  and keeping the old Christmas tradition alive.

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