Our history

EUROMARCHI is proud to continue to carry forward the Italian artisan tradition and to offer high quality products to customers around the world.

With our experience and commitment to excellence, we are ready to meet your needs with products that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Our inspiration: the tradition of the figurine maker that spans the centuries

The origins of EUROMARCHI have their roots in the sixteenth century, when talented figurine makers began creating statues inspired by Renaissance art, paving the way for a tradition that continues to define our company today.

The following century saw the introduction of plaster as a key material, making high-quality statues accessible due to their affordable cost. This change transformed Italy’s artisan tradition and marked the beginning of an enduring legacy.

In the picturesque Serchio and Lima Valley, many people from Lucca undertook transatlantic voyages to sell their works of art, bringing with them centuries of craftsmanship. This pioneering spirit gave rise to “companies,” groups of artisans who moved to different cities to create and sell their works.

This extraordinary story has shaped EUROMARCHI as a company and continues to inspire our passion for art and craftsmanship.
The Figurinaio tradition is what defines our identity, bringing the beauty of Italian art directly to your home.

EUROMARCHI today between passion and tradition

EUROMARCHI stands out as a cutting-edge brand,
projected towards the future in facing modern challenges with foresight.

In the production of nativity scenes and home decorations, the brand embraces modernity
as an opportunity, integrating innovative technologies into production processes. 

Its dedication to quality is manifested through the use of advanced materials, ensuring contemporary products with authentic traditional prestige. 

EUROMARCHI is committed to anticipating the needs of the market, keeping a careful eye on emerging trends and adapting with agility to meet the ever-evolving expectations of consumers.

Italian art, from sculpture to painting, is considered a world heritage site. It is to it that our sculptors, Raffaello Simonetti and Leandro Rontanini, were inspired by their creation in wax the figures of the nativity scene characterizing with the movements and expressions typical of the our culture, reviving them and decorating them with the colors of the Italian landscapes.




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