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We stand out for our artisanal production of nativity scenes, sacred statues and frames made with passion and skill by our expert craftsmen. Each piece is a unique work of art, expressing Italy’s rich cultural and artistic tradition. Quality and craftsmanship are our trademarks, and Italy is our inspiration. We invite you to explore our catalog, discover our heritage and bring a piece of Italy into your home.


At EUROMARCHI, the creation of each piece is an artisanal process that embodies Italian art and tradition. Our production cycle begins with the creation of a unique model, the work of expert sculptors. These artists give life to figurines or models of various sizes, carefully modeled by hand and then .


Each figure is carefully decorated by hand, according to
the different finishes requested by the market and the taste of our decorators.
The final phase of the production cycle consists of a rigorous quality control, in which each piece is examined to eliminate any imperfections, guaranteeing maximum excellence.


The use of modern materials in 3D printing for home decor objects has revolutionized customization and creativity in furnishings. Advanced polymers such as PLA and ABS allow the creation of light, resistant and intricately shaped objects, offering the possibility of creating unique and tailor-made decorations to enrich environments with style and originality.


The indispensable mastery of the EUROMARCHI decorators is manifested in the artisanal ability to shape each object with precision and creativity. The manual skill and skills of these artisans become unparalleled, giving a unique and artisanal touch to each decorative element, transforming objects in an authentic and personalized way.


We also produce huts and accessories in wood, cork and moss. This includes the creation of accessories such as fountains, working fires and moving figures, offering the possibility of setting the figures of the nativity scenes in suggestive scenarios that recall the colors and characteristics of the magnificent landscapes.


The art of manually assembling the huts and other details of the nativity scene is an ancient tradition that gives an aura of authenticity and warmth to the objects that decorate the Christmas season. Through the care and precision of the artisans, each piece comes to life with a unique touch, transmitting a sense of tradition and love that goes beyond simple decoration, making the nativity scene a symbol full of meaning.

The suggestive province of Lucca has always been the cradle of art and creativity. For our part, EUROMARCHI is passionately dedicated to preserving this rich tradition, reinventing it in a modern way and adopting cutting-edge production methods and materials.

Continue to discover how we combine traditional art with innovation to carry forward the cultural heritage of Lucca in the contemporary world.

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