Pinocchini, EUROMARCHI presents a new series of figures inspired by Pinocchio

A new series of figures, this time inspired by famous work   for children, which managed to capture the attention of both children and many adults. If you are a novel lover and like to make every room furnished in a unique way, you won’t be able to do without these little works of art. Furnishing the house or any environment with the main characters of Pinocchio: certainly an idea uncommon and original. You can recreate the classic atmosphere present in the fantastic work of Carlo Collodi in any environment you want, with single figures or, better yet, by collecting the entire collection of all the most important characters.

The characters in the collection

The brand new collection of I Mini characters includes: PinocchioGeppetto, la Fatina, il Gatto, la Volpe, il Grillo Parlante e Lucignolo. All figures are available in two variants, one hand-colored and one made of white resin. A truly original idea for decorating any environment, with the guarantee of quality products. In fact, each product was developed by italian designer, with the I Mini guarantee 100% made in Italy.

You can view or purchase the brand new Pinocchini from this page.



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